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Temporary Planets for Transitory Days

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HWA Recognizes RDSP with Specialty Press Award


Raw Dog Screaming Press has been chosen by the Horror Writers Association to receive the Specialty Press award for 2018.

From the HWA, “Each year the HWA recognizes the accomplishments of a noteworthy small press. The Specialty Press Award brings recognition to an outstanding publisher of horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction.”

The award will be given during the association’s annual convention, StokerCon, in May.



Wraiths of the Broken Land to be made into a movie by Ridley Scott
RidleyScottand the team from 小火箭添加节点

In 2013 RDSP released S. Craig Zahler’s brutal Western, Wraiths of the Broken Land. In 2015 Zahler directed the critically acclaimed Bone Tomahawk and now Wraiths will be coming to the big screen as well.

Order your copy from Amazon or directly from us. Read the full story at Deadline.com


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